Best Indian Restaurant in Glasgow

Best Indian Restaurant in Glasgow

It can be easy to think that lots of options is a good thing and that finding the best Indian restaurant in Glasgow would be a cinch.

If only there was a way to sort out the good from the bad. When you’re looking for a place to eat at online, there’s an absolute load of choices to be had. But good luck telling whether you’ve found a top Glasgow restaurant or one of the worst before the food gets to your mouth.

These days, there are sites dedicated to making sure you can find to every restaurant in your area and beyond. The problem remains of telling which ones are worth trying and which you need to avoid. We all want to find one of the top restaurants in Glasgow to eat at but it can be tough. Most of us don’t want to know about every single restaurant open: just the good ones!

Great Indian Food

There’s not much to beat a really well-made curry steaming in front of you, spices tingling your taste buds, with a warm fluffy naan to go with it. But it has to be done right or it won’t do the flavours justice. You want to find one of the top restaurants in Glasgow to get a really good meal.

Since Glasgow’s often considered the curry capital of the UK (having won the title 4 times and come close runner-up many more) if you can’t find the best Indian restaurant in Glasgow, where will you?

Being among the top Glasgow restaurants means a place can’t just be about the food too. A truly great restaurant experience is about the place itself as well as the quality of the meal. If the staff are unfriendly or don’t pay any attention to the customers, that can ruin the whole visit no matter how tasty the food.

Our Staff are the Best

Our staff know that you’re expecting an experience worthy of one of the top restaurants in Glasgow. We understand the kind of experience we need to offer to be worthy of being the best Indian restaurant in Glasgow. We’re friendly and welcoming; making sure that you get your food quick – allowing you to savour your meal.

Our chef has been with the restaurant since we opened in 1987 – he’s been making fantastic Indian food for over 30 years. He knows what’s he’s doing. This is proved by the fact that our loyal customers keep coming back. They even know chef as “Cheffy” – if you’re not making food worthy of one of the top Glasgow restaurants, that’s not the nickname you get.

We can cater to groups of any size, for any occasion. Whether you’re in the mood to have a romantic dinner with your partner or you’re on a work night out, you’ll enjoy your time at The Indian Cottage. We aim for you to have the experience of eating in the best Indian restaurant in Glasgow. Come on down and sample an authentic taste of India.

Book a table tonight by calling us on 0141 777 8884.

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